Ron English & APPortfolio Unveil Exclusive YO’HOOD 2018 Merchandise

Following his limited Police Grin collectible with Compound, Ron English returns with a special edition collaboration with APPortfolio. The partnered offering coincides with the YO’HOOD streetwear convention in Shanghai, spotlighting a striking range of vinyl figures, skate decks, plushes, cushions, and towels. The standout item goes to the Melty Ronnnie Rabbbit collectible in pink and blue variants with an option of a three-piece set.

View all pieces above and head over to APPortfolio’s website to learn more. The collection will drop on September 3 online with an early release exclusively at YO’HOOD starting August 31 until September 2. Prices range from $30 USD to $330 USD.

Ron English x APPortfolio @ YO’HOOD 2018
Melty Ronnnie Rabbbit Collectible – $330 USD
Skateboard – $110 USD
Sock Monkey Grin Plush – $90 USD
Teddy Grin Plush Doll – $90 USD
Shocking Sun Flower Cushion – $45 USD
Ronnnie Rabbbit Cushion – $45 USD
Melty Ronnnie Rabbbit Cushion – $45 USD
MC Supersized Cushion – $45 USD
Renew the Rule Towel – $30 USD

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