Gwap Getta Music – “Aquafina”

Midwest trio Gwap Getta Music (GGM.) is back with Aquafina, a track guaranteed to leave the club going wild! Produced by upcoming Georgia producer LaidBackCam, Aquafina serves a moving beat as the three brothers lay each verse track by track to perfection!

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, GGM emerged in 2010; comprised of three brothers, Savage, Tae P, and Misfit, all hungry and ready for more. After premiering their first commercial single DOPE in 2016, the group has been pursuing the top; releasing back to back singles to bring light to their versatile, innate flow.

With heart thumping production and a fun, energetic cadence, Aquafina is a diverse record showcasing more of dynamic music emerging in the Midwest.

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