Libratone Introduces the ZIPP 2 and TRACK+ Speakers

Libratone, the audio specialist company from Copenhagen, has revealed its latest additions to the market. Called the ZIPP 2 and the TRACK+ respectively, they’re both bluetooth-enabled devices that aim to provide high-level audio quality.

The ZIPP 2 has voice assistance, 360 sound, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity while also offering 12 hours of connectivity. It’s also notable for being the first speaker from the company to work with Amazon’s Alexa. Meanwhile the TRACK+ is designed to be worn during sports activities and uses noise cancelling technology to allow for a peaceful listen. The earbuds are also splash-proof and designed to easily fit into a pocket and avoid the detangling issues of older earphones.

Both speakers are available from Libratone’s web store, with the TRACK+ costing £169 (approx. $216.5 USD) while the ZIPP 2 costs €299 (approx. $288.5 USD )

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