Ryan McGinness to Showcase “Warhol Flower Icons” Solo Exhibit at NANZUKA

Renowned artist Ryan McGinness is on the verge of launching his latest solo exhibit titled “Warhol Flower Icons,” which as its name so poignantly suggests, pays tribute to the late, great Andy Warhol’s Flowers series. McGinness dedicated much time and effort to study the latter’s works, researching the series’s intent, production, methodology and color applications in order to best reinterpret the paintings in his own artistic voice.

The new illustrations were created in the same vein as artist-to-artist reworks from years gone by, which McGinness worked tirelessly to embody. In a sense, “Warhol Flower Icons” can draw comparisons to Roy Lichtenstein’s respectful undertaking of Pablo Picasso, amongst other such noteworthy remakes. Ryan McGinness will show “Warhol Flower Icons” at NANZUKA in Bangkok and Hong Kong with plans to attend both opening receptions. Aside from the featured series, both venues will also release the creative’s first Medicom Toy BE@RBRICK collaboration.

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