Jonah Hill’s Severed Head Announces Launch of Palace Store in Tokyo

To say this has been a big week for Palace would be an understatement. The British skatewear label has teased details of its Polo Ralph Lauren collaboration, revealed two new adidas Originals sneaker designs and has been nominated for a British Fashion Award alongside the likes of Supreme and Balenciaga. For the cherry on top, Palace has created a tongue-in-cheek ad promoting the debut of its first-ever Japanese outpost.

Shot like a horror movie, the teaser showcases dimly-lit hallways, demons, and zombies complete with an unsmiling Japanese narrator that simultaneously urges the protagonist to “Face your fears,” and “Nope to the grabby fuckers.” After encountering Jonah Hill‘s decapitated head in a The Shining-like hedge maze, the main character ducks a sawblade, falls through towards Shibuya crossing and winds up in a brightly lit set, where he’s handed the exclusive T-shirt set to debut alongside the new store’s opening. At the end of the trailer, Hill’s head flies into frame, reassuring the “citizens of Tokyo” that “Palace is here.”

Palace’s Tokyo store opens in Shibuya on November 3.

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