Ron English Brings “Delusionville” to New York City’s Allouche Gallery

New York City’s Allouche Gallery will host a new exhibition by celebrated visual artist Ron English entitled “Delusionville.” The extensive presentation displays 20 works made in the past three years depicting English’s signature pop-culture-inspired characters placed against “metamorphic landscapes” while invoking “delusions of ecstasy and heartbreak,” said the gallery in a statement. Several of the works were made in collaboration with singer, songwriter, and artist Daniel Johnston.

View select pieces in the slideshow above and head over to Allouche Gallery’s website to learn more. “Delusionville” commences this October 11 until November 25. Elsewhere in art, Ross+Kramer Gallery in New York City is presenting a new show featuring works by the late influential artist, William Hall.

Allouche Gallery
82 Gansevoort St.
New York, NY 10014

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