Facebook Rivals TikTok App by Launching Lasso

Facebook has launched a new video sharing app called Lasso to compete with the growing popularity of TikTok among teens. The Silicon Valley company been unabashed about copying competitors’ technology, as it integrated Stories on Instagram and its main platform as a direct play against Snapchat.

Lasso allows users to create short-form videos, share content across channels and discover the latest trends and challenges. Earlier this year, TikTok’s parent company Bytedance acquired Musical.ly, which gained popularity through its viral lip-synching videos. Naturally, Lasso boasts a robust music library, along with special effects where videos can be recorded in 15-second clips and shared directly on Facebook Stories, with Instagram integration to be released soon.

As younger audiences have been fleeing Facebook’s main platform for more niche apps, the social media giant is attempting to lure those users back by experimenting with different services. Lasso is available now on iOS and Android.

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