Pokémon x Tamagotchi Collaboration Is on the Way

According to a promotional sheet leaked on a Japanese message board, it looks like a Pokémon x Tamagotchi collaboration is currently in the works. The leak pointed out by Serebii shows images of the pocket-sized toy; two Eevee-themed Tamagotchi Nanos in either a brown or pink colorway. The device will allow owners to take care of the lovable Eevee character as it grows into one of its various evolutions.

It is believed the Pokémon x Tamagotchi devices will be launched to support the upcoming release of the Pokemon: Let’s Go games, although it is still unknown whether or not a Pikachu edition will be made available. The Pokémon Company itself has released a Pocket Pikachu in the past, however an official Tamagotchi collaboration for the electric creature would be a ’90s kid’s dream come true.

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