Xiaomi’s New $30 USD AirDots Could Rival Apple’s $160 USD AirPods

Chinese tech company Xiaomi has announced its brand new wireless earbuds that are quite similar to Apple‘s flagship AirPods in almost every way. These white earbuds are called AirDots and include touch control and a white case that serves as a charging dock, just like Apple’s product. The AirDots do, however, utilize silicone tips for sound isolation and better fit. Other features include Bluetooth 5.0 support and 4 hours of audio time per charge, with the case able to recharge the AirDots three times for 12 hours of total battery life.

These earbuds will be limited to China and currently available for preorder for ¥199 CNY ($29 USD.) compared to Apple’s $159 USD AirPods.

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