Leica Presents Limited-Edition “Safari” M10-P Camera

Images of Leica‘s rumored limited edition camera have just surfaced. Ahead of its January 31 presentation, Leica enthusiasts can now get a closer look at the M10-P Safari Edition and the Summicron-M 50mm f/2 Safari Edition lens. The digital versions of the M series rangefinders started with the M8 in 2006, known for its outstanding durability and lens options, and have gained a loyal following of photographers looking for a classic rangefinder system. Many Leica fans that missed out on the “Bold Grey” M10-P last year can try their luck with this military-inspired makeover — the last time we saw an official green-colored Leica was in 2015 with the M-P (TYP 240).

The metal top cap and bottom plate of the body is coated with olive green while the rest is covered in a leatherette of the same tint. Coming with the M10-P, a brandy-colored cow hide carrying strap and card holder are included in the package. As for the lens, the focal length engravings, painted in bold red, contrast with aperture markings in white. Besides the elevated design, the technical specifications and performance of the camera as well as the lens remain identical to those of the serial production models.

A limited 1,500 camera bodies and 500 lenses will be sold worldwide, priced at €7,800 EUR and €2,500 EUR (approximately $8,920 USD and $2,860 USD), respectively.

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