Nikki Paige – “Ring Ring”

Nikki Paige doesn’t play with her dance anthem “Ring Ring.”

Hailing from Orange County, this young vocalist is an overnight sensation with her most dance-worthy track to date.

Nikki Paige is anything but typical. The vocalist partnered with Grammy award-winning producer Brian Soko (who produced Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” and Lil Wayne’s “No Worries”), creating a match made in dancefloor heaven. Soko’s star power launches Nikki into outer space with an insta-hit that has us winin’ ‘til the sun comes up.

Following her emotion-driven track “Get it Over,” Nikki’s “Ring Ring” is a dance anthem for women who don’t get played. Braced by an island-sound drum rhythm, soaring vocals, and all-too-real lyrics “No I won’t wait, it’s too late to call me”, Nikki is easily the next top pop sensation.

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