T-Mobile is reportedly launching a free mobile TV streaming service in the coming weeks

T-Mobile is reportedly gearing up to launch a free mobile dedicated TV streaming service in the coming weeks, according to a new report from Cheddar.

The service will be ad-supported and free to all T-Mobile subscribers, a source told Cheddar, and it should come preinstalled on several T-Mobile phones including some Samsung devices. T-Mobile is planning to launch the service through Layer3 — a company that T-Mobile acquired in 2018. Layer3 provides users with free basic television and on-demand services. It will reportedly run on licensed Xumo streaming technology. Think of it as akin to AT&T’s Watch TV service, and Verizon’s Go90, which ended last year. The idea is to give customers the ability to stream over-the-top television and monetize that usage with advertisements.

This free, ad-supported mobile streaming service is also different from T-Mobile’s “disruptive TV service,” reports Cheddar. CEO John Legere originally said that TV service would launch in 2018, but then pushed back to accommodate more mobile distribution rights, according to Bloomberg.

T-Mobile currently has more than 77 million subscribers, and offers unlimited streaming to its customers, alongside free Netflix subscriptions with its Binge On plan.

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