Huawei and Gentle Monster Are Developing a Series of Smart Glasses

Huawei has announced it will partner with eyewear maker Gentle Monster to develop a series of smart glasses in variously different frame designs.

Gentle Monster CEO Hankook Kim made the announcement at Huawei’s #RewriteTheRules event in Paris, where it showcased several designs in some early concept renders. Kim’s brand recently revealed its “Once Upon a Future” capsule collection (seen above) that could help shed light on some of the design elements of the upcoming collaboration.

Functionality-wise, users will be able to answer phone calls by tapping the arm of the glasses, which will also hold directional mics and speakers as well as a 2,200mAh battery that’ll be charged by the eyewear’s protector case, similar to Apple’s Airpods. Huawei also promises the smart glasses will also feature voice assistant access, but details are scarce for now outside of its launch date, which is poised to be sometime in July 2019.

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