Studio Drift Suspends Giant Concrete Sculpture at Helsinki Exhibition

The Amos Rex museum in Helsinki, Finland recently launched an exhibition entitled “Elemental” that features groundbreaking artworks, installations, and multimedia pieces by art collective Studio Drift. Founded by Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta in 2007, Studio Drift is widely-known for their interactive installations and sculptures that blend aspects of nature and technology.

The centerpiece of the presentation is Drifter, a monolithic sculpture made of concrete that is suspended in one hall of the institution. Another notable work is Materialism that encompasses art pieces inspired by everyday objects of Finnish culture such as a Nokia phone and a pair of Fiskar scissors.

“As humans, we create systems or technologies to gain mastery over our environment to evolve, realize dreams, create a brighter future and on a very elemental level: to connect,” said Studio Drift in a statement.

View select works from “Elemental” above. The exhibition is open for viewing until May 19.

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