AMBUSH Drops $3000 USD Crumpled Can Shoulder Bag

AMBUSH has released a crushed can shoulder bag made from 100% sterling silver for Spring/Summer 2019. Equipped with a leather strap, the bag is a statement accessory delivered from the minds of Verbal and Yoon.

Following the release of numerous industrial-influenced accessories, such as its hi-vis orange clothespin-inspired Nobo clip earring, the crushed can bag continues AMBUSH’s line of jewelry and accessories with a luxurious take on everyday objects. The bag also features an engraved “AMBUSH®” stamp, ring pull detailing, hinge closure and a velvety-smooth lined interior.

The bag is part of AMBUSH’s “WAVES” collection and is available in a number of iterations including neon orange, chrome gold and matte black. If you’re interested in picking up your very own crumped can bag, head to stockists such as where it is retailing for $3,118 USD.

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