Girls Don’t Cry Launches Amazon Fashion’s “AT TOKYO” Project With a Collab Release

Showing no signs of slowing down, Verdy recently teamed up with Amazon Fashion to launch the e-commerce giant’s ”AT TOKYO” project.

Kicking off the project, Verdy created a selection of Girls Don’t Cry items in collaboration with Amazon. Leading the select range is a continuation of the GDC Cafe series with a hoodie, T-shirt and bandana subtly marked with Amazon branding. Accompanying items come in the form of a butterfly motif T-shirt, “Girls Don’t Cry” cap and a large co-branded tote bag.

Check out the special range above and look for Amazon Fashion x Girls Don’t Cry “AT TOKYO” to be available at a special Tokyo pop-up April 20-21 with a wider online release coming April 22.

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