Michael Reeder to Release Limited ‘Last Gasp’ Lithographs

Michael Reeder is the latest visual artist to partner up with Print Them All on a series of limited lithographs. Inspired by an original artwork entitled Last Gasp, the collaborative offering sees two unique editions in red and blue. Reeder’s signature pattern elements surround a life-like portrait with smoke billowing from its eyes to complete the shared composition. Altogether, each hand-cut edition measures 38.19 inches by 29.92 inches, made using four colors printed with a Marinoni press.

“In all my works, the graphics, figures, and patterns elements are all supposed to be a part of that moment of separation from the 3D world and another around. That’s why there is this fusion of style in my work. I like that disconnected nature but it’s all together connected in a forming harmony,” said Reeder in a statement.

Limited to 99 units per variant, the editions will launch April 16 at 9 a.m. PDT on Print Them All’s website for $550 USD each and $990 USD for the set of two.

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