Eddie Martinez Unveils New Gestural Paintings for Upcoming “Blockhead Stacks” Exhibit

Eddie Martinez will soon launch his second solo exhibition with Perrotin Hong Kong. Entitled “Blockhead Stacks,” the forthcoming presentation will feature a new selection of gestural paintings and mixed-media sculptures which Martinez crafted using found objects. As a whole, the Brooklyn-based artist is widely known for his expressive creations that merge elements from both abstraction and figuration. His signature compositions are usually comprised of bug-eyed subjects, unruly brushstrokes, and a bold color palette.

“Many of Martinez’s drawings are done outside his workspace, testaments to his incessant drawing habit regardless of time or location—on trains, at restaurants and meetings, inside waiting rooms,” said the gallery in a statement. “In many of his paintings, Martinez enlarges and silkscreens his drawings onto canvas, bringing in further layers of life using an inimitable palette of colors.”

View select paintings above and then head over to Perrotin’s website to learn more. “Blockhead Stacks” will be on view from May 17 until June 29.

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