Uber Will Begin Giving Helicopter Rides Around NYC This Summer

Although Uber is looking to get into the flying taxi game soon, the person-to-person transportations service will offer air transit via helicopters in New York City beginning this summer. Uber Copter will be available to all New York Uber Rewards members of Platinum or Diamond status and will average between $200—$225 USD per ride, according to Uber Elevate‘s Nikhil Goel.

Trips will run between an area near the Staten Island Ferry in Manhattan and Kennedy Airport in an estimated eight minutes of flight time. Although the company has yet to make an official announcement, it’s been reported the helicopters can hold up to five passengers with two pilots, operated by the Heliflite charter service.

According to Uber, it’s the company’s first “multi-modal” option, where this eight-minute helicopter flight is connected to taxi rides each side. “Uber Copter offers the first real demonstration of the Elevate experience. We’ve built Uber Copter to provide us with insight and real-world experience as we continue to lay the foundation for Uber Air,” said the head of Uber Elevate, Eric Allison.

“This is Uber’s first multi-modal option, integrating an 8-minute helicopter flight with an Uber trip on both ends with a single tap of a button. Uber Rewards Platinum and Diamond members will get the first opportunity to try this new fast and seamless way to get between Manhattan and JFK.”

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