G-SHOCK’s Next-Gen Mudmaster Gets a Carbon Fiber Upgrade

G-SHOCK has released the next generation of its rugged Mudmaster series, and the watch is now tougher and equipped with more tech than ever before.

The most eye-catching upgrade you’ll notice first is the introduction of the company’s Carbon Core Guard technology, increasing the watch’s durability whilst reducing weight with a new carbon fiber casing and bezel. Coupled with a dual layer caseback, the watch retains mud and dirt resistance to endure the harshest of conditions.

Moving to the inner mechanics, the newly added built-in Bluetooth connectivity provides users with the ability to connect their watches to the G-SHOCK mobile app, automatically keeping the watch on time wherever you are in the world. In contrast to its the three-sensor predecessors, the new GG-B100 comes equipped with four sensors, introducing an accelerometer to the usual pressure, compass and temperature sensors. Other G-SHOCK features come standard, such as a world timer, a chronograph, and LED lighting.

The Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster GG-B100 is now available in Japan, and will arrive Stateside in August, for a retail price of $350 USD. Interested buyers will have three colorways to choose from: black, khaki green, and orange. For more information, head over to G-SHOCK’s website.

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