Young Goats – “Goat Life Vol. 1” [Album]

Young Goats are here to set off your summer with a tape full of tunes that borrow from a broad range of different eras from 90s-2000s hip-hop and modern dance music alike. “Goat Life Vol. 1” even has an ‘island’ theme’ vibe that’s perfect for this warm weather, transporting you to a tropical beach, surrounded by palm trees, even if you’re just listening at home or in the car. The production on this 15-sized album was handled with care, making for a smooth listening experience. Treat your ears here!

“This Tape is a Summer tape with lot of pop and dancehall songs with hip hop too. We use a variety of beats from EDM, Dancehall, to even House, as well as regular Hip-Hop or Pop beats. This tape is for people to listen to and have fun with while also having meaning behind the songs.”

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