Todd James Paints Intensely-Saturated Interiors for Upcoming LA Exhibition

Over The Influence will present an upcoming exhibition of new artworks by acclaimed artist Todd James at its Los Angeles outpost. Entitled “There’s No Place Like Home,” the forthcoming show will predominantly display large-scale acrylic paintings depicting surrealist interiors in the artist’s intense color palette.

“These rooms call to mind intense adolescent years and give a nod to all the oddballs, outcasts, junior criminals, nerds, punks, and otherwise socially incapable individuals whose bedrooms become shrines to the cultural artifacts that make teenage life worth living,” described the gallery in a statement.

Additionally, pieces portraying James’ signature portraits of women captured in a number of spontaneous scenes will be on display. “James’s women don’t bother with artifice; they are perfect in their natural state, whatever that state may be,” added the gallery.

“THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME” will be on view through September 8 to October 27. Visit Over The Influence’s website for further details.

In other dynamic presentations, fellow New York-based artist Tyrrell Winston recently launched his first exhibition in Sweden entitled “Playing Possum.”

Over The Influence LA
833 East 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013

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