Hope – “Red Man” [Album Stream]

Sto:lo/Tahltan rapper Hope is a voice for indigenous people that refuses to be silenced. Through his music, Hope explores and does his best to accurately depict the experiences of an indigenous man living in a colonized world.

Hope raps with a vigor and a voice that cannot be ignored. The title track on the album, “Red Man,” opens with a monologue from an educational clip, ending with “The Indian must understand the white man’s world and live in it,” echoing out as the ominous beat begins to play. The song finds Hope questioning where he belongs, if anywhere.

A timely project, Hope uses this album to seize the opportunity to speak his mind about “his feelings towards reconciliation, cultural appropriation, and those who are willingly ignorant towards what Indigenous People know is undeniable fact; that supremacy exists and affects indigenous people deeply.”

The 12-track album is worth a spin, both for listening pleasure and expanding your horizons by listening to a first-hand account of the struggles that indigenous people face. Check it out below.

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