Manuchi Debuts New Line For S/S 2020

New York-based designer Rob Manuchi is preparing to debut his line, Manuchi, with a S/S 2020 line fit for all walks of life. On his inspiration behind the line, Manuchi had this to say:

“Being raised around a mother who would always take me shopping with her weekly on 5th Ave in NYC, it was kind of hard not to fall in love with fashion. As time moved on, the love and the passion for it grew to what it is now, dropping my own line. The underground world of NYC has a lot of creative people who wear designers whom aren’t from the same walks of life as them. The skate kids, the high end fashion hype beasts, the kids who camp out for pop up releases, I’ve been brushing shoulders with this crowd all my life; I relate to them and understand them. These high end designers don’t, that’s my weapon into the fashion world. Celebrities wear styles we’ve been wearing for years and then it becomes trendy. Not only will I be bringing fashion through my eyes to light but I’ll also be bringing the underground world of fashion to light as well.”


Currently, the shop has the Bloody Mary tee available for purchase. Be on the look out for more dropping soon.

Shop here and follow his Instagram for updates.

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