Resurrection Fern – “Siren”

When’s the last time you watched a concert from the comfort of your own home? If you’re a supporter of Resurrection Fern, the answer is probably “recently.” The indie-folk singer is one of the innovative artists utilizing platforms like Twitch, typically used for game streaming, to stream live performances and get intimate with fans in their own homes through their TV’s and laptop screens. She even uses the live chat to communicate with her fans in real time, tell stories, answer questions, and be in the moment. She lovingly calls her community the “FernFam.” The FernFam and the uninitiated are in for a treat with Resurrection Fern’s newest relaese, “Siren,” a beautifully mellow and melancholy song that finds Fern in an admirably vulnerable state, allowing her to show off her expansive vocal range and poetic songwriting skills, using both to deeply emote. Stream it below and be sure to subscribe to her Twitch to catch her next live performance!

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