Bryan Zanisnik’s collages and photographs are carefully constructed scenes, meant to push our thoughts past the clutter we see and delve into analysis of…

saya ica


In the tradition of the fable or folk story, Saya Woolfalk maps the desires and ideas of people to create narratives that attempt to…

puerta yellow)


Inspired by the physical commonalities between Nature and the human body, Lina Puerta creates hybrid anatomical and botanical forms that point at the interconnectedness,…

sreshta 1


Sreshta Rit Premnath is a teacher at Moore College in Philadelphia, as well as a professional artist with representation in New York.  He is…

olson y-love


Christopher Olson is a young artist living and working in Los Angeles. His paintings are imaginative and beautiful, unafraid to divulge a darker side…



Krown Royale – “Bay Leaves”

In honor of the smoker’s holiday, Brooklyn MC Krown Royale gifts the listeners with something to burn one to on his latest offering, “Bay…


Cherub Satori – “Inhale”

In honor of his 22nd birthday and 4/20, Cherub Satori releases his new single Inhale, the perfect song for today. Kickback, put in your…


Rome Fortune – “Come & Get It”

Atlanta’s Rome Fortune just released a single called “Come & Get it” prod. by Dun Deal. Seems like everytime these two work with each…

Michael Christmas Cover_jpg_630x702_q85

Micheal Christmas – “Is this Art?”

Boston’s Mickey Christmas released his mixtape “Is this Art?” this past February. He definitely brewed some great tunes with this record. Stay on him…


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Denon Ceol

We all love music, and we love to hear it at its best. With the new Denon Ceol it brags to bring the best…

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iDevice iGrill 2

With Memorial weekend right around the corner, and summer working its way in, we are all probably very excited about all the BBQ’s. Well…

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Pebble Smartwatch

Woah just when we thought smart watches couldn’t get any smarter, Pebble smart watches took it there ! A watch that tracks your fitness,…

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Hashtag Selfie, everyone is so obsessed with selfies and capturing the moment, it is only right the tech world keeps up too. Throw the…

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LG Lifeband Touch

Making our lives easier is now the big thing amongst the tech world. We want to be able to combine our everyday lives, with…


BlackMilk -X-Solestruck-Charli-WOAHDUDE-01-WEB_1024x1024


BlackMilk teamed up with Solestruck to create a line of kickass printed shoes.  Stomp around in these platform bad boys while you soak up…


Royal Kulture: Dashiki Jersey Kollection

Check out this Dashiki Jersey Kollection from Royal Kulture… IG- @royalkulturemerch Kev Twitter/IG- @thatafricankev Najee Parks Brand Manager Royal Kulture Music |…

Young GeniuZ

Young G’z: Maad*Moiselle

Young Geniuz Maad*Moiselle shares her perspective with Mechanical Dummy in this #excluZive interview.

Young G’z: Curtis Williams

Curtis Williams is a rapper/producer who has been taking the music industry by storm with the help of his fellow members of the collective…

Original GeniuZ

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 10.54.28 PM

Original G’z: BlogXilla

Internet O.G. Blogxilla drops countless jewels in this Mechanical Dummy exclusive. Listen carefully, Young G’z.


Original G’z: Melvin Van Peebles [Part 1]

Melvin Van Peebles is a pioneer in the arts of film and music. 57 years since creating his first short film, the director of…



PerZpective: HBO’s “Silicon Valley”

Only in Silicon Valley can Kid Rock be the poorest guy in the room. Mike Judge’s new show, Silicon Valley, premiered Sunday, April 6, on…

echo _ 100th monkey _ 2nd design - V2 - color.2

PerZpective: “Our Economy Is A Giant Casino”

The O.G. Echo does the math in this PerZpective on modern economics. Follow him and check out his site. our entire economy is a…



Mind Your Biz Episode 2: My Own Lane Tour

Check out the new Mind Your Biz Episode!

Screen Shot 2014-04-10 at 12.04.33 AM

ExcluZive: Shy Glizzy Interview

Shy Glizzy is not new to the rap game. A DC native currently with his 5th solo mixtape entitled “Young Jefe” which dropped back in…