Video Painting

Sweatshoppe has developed a new interactive technology that allows them to "paint" video onto any surface. The street artist uses a paint roller made with green LEDs. A camera next to the projector tracks the position of the paint roller, unmasking the video projection in realtime, as the artists draws on the wall.


The Perspective Chair by Pharrell

This four feet chair represents the love between a man and woman. The Perspective Chair was designed by Pharrell in collaboration with Domeau. The chairs were exclusively sold in Paris at the Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie.

Mechanical Dummy Approved!

Glow In the Dark Bed

Want to wake up with your favorite colors? The Glow In the Dark illuminated Bed  was designed by Philippe Boulet.  Featuring LED lighting system in the bedhead and footboard. It has a remote control that allows you to change the colors of lighting. 

Hang On!!

The Hang On designed by Yedue .Designed Olympiad sport hanger using the shape of sport themes included swim, pole jump, gymnastic and football.

POD Dinning Table

This dinning table concept is named Kure by Turkish designer Faith Can Sari . The Kure table can be closed as a sphere. It is designed like a flower that opens up to a full-fledged dinning table.

Poseidon Underwater Hotel

Mechanical Dummy featured the ICE HOTEL now we go under the sea at The Poseidon Undersea Resort the world 's first 40 feet  under water hotel . Besides the six restaurants, seven bars, dive shop, water sports center, retail boutique, library/lounge, theater, conference room, wedding chapel, nine-hole golf course, tennis courts, you can actually feed the  fish when pushing a  button from a control console. An elevator gets to transport guests under the sea to the 24 suites and the luxury apartment that all have a special interior window film for privacy.


Door “Hand-le”

The real  Door hand, called Door "Han-dle", by  Naomi Thellier de Poncheville for London  Design Festival.