Alicia Keys turned SUPERWOMAN

Alicia Keys turned SUPERWOMAN is now starting her own business AK Worldwide which will host all of her business ventures from a jewelry line to a new website.   

Alicia spoke with the AP recently about it "It really explores the ways I can affect the world in a positive way, even outside of music, It is really about finding ways to bring forth things into the world that will give you and all the people that encounter them, and myself, inspiration."   
The first business is A Barber’s Daughter a hand crafted jewelry line engraved with messages of hope and wisdom.  She described the pieces saying, "The words, when you read them, they really do resonate with you. They kind of inspire you to want to find that place in yourself," she said, sporting a silver oval ring that read: "May you find inspiration and meaning soaked in the wonders of the imagination cradled in compassion of the heart and hold a will to make difference."       
The 28 year old singer also created "It really calls out to all those brilliant, amazing, fantastic women every day that are doing their thing and need kind of a community to support each other” she said.


Audi D7 Concept

After Audi Shark and the Contest "From Dream to Reality" in
Iran, here is the concept car equipped with an electric motor at the front
and headlight-shaped neon futuristic easily
recognizable at night. More pictures in the future.

The Chair made of ‘Chair’.

The Chair made of 'Chair'. By Eric Ku.

"An inspiration from the American contemporary artist Joseph Kosuth, One and Three Chair. Instead of giving new definition, I redefined the concept of a chair by using alphabet. One is able to construct a chair by assembling the redesigned alphabets."

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Derek Luke Talks New Show ‘Trauma

Essence Magazine sat down with actor Derek Luke to talk about his new show 'Trauma'  and how he has dealt with fame . 

ESSENCE.COM: So, Mr. Luke, how in the world did you prepare for such explosive action?
 There's a part of me that's on a mission to do the explosive, blowing up and jumping off the cliff into the sea and coming out on a horse. As far as my training, well, I jumped over train stiles and got past the cops when I used to travel from Jersey to New York (laughs). I remember only having a dollar to my name. Now how do you leave Jersey for Manhattanknowing that the dollar you have is for a hot dog and a drink? (laughs).

ESSENCE.COM:  Do you ever get used to your fame?
 It's very easy to remain humble when you know that the fame didn't come from you and that you are part of a mission or service. So it's easy for me to meet people or fans because the thing about fame is that it attracts, and when it does it's all about what you do with those people it attracts. I pressed pause on my TV the other day and I just sat there and looked at my name and the title and said, "Wow, my name is on the screen. This is what you really wanted. That's pretty cool and pretty big!" So I know that I'm blessed to be doing what I love.





The rib cage shell of the hero piece is designed to protect your belongings much like the human rib cage protects one’s vital organs.

“The human ribcage protects our vital organs as we move about in the world. Luggage takes on the same role as we travel and pack our worldly possessions inside for safe transport, ” said McQueen at the Samsonite launch of his new collection. Available in both bone and black, the hero piece boasts a ribcage and sternum outline in the front, and a backbone on the back.

Patterns and designs inspired by nature brought to life using the latest technological know how. Samsonite Black Label by Alexander McQueen is an egonomic collection, featuring natural shapes and curves, which look revolutionary against the traditional hard lines of luggage.

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