Contemporary Art

Gabriela Machado

Brazilian painter Gabriela Machado expresses ‘the pure love between man and nature.’ Her works seem to draw from the tradition of Frankenthaler’s stain paintings,…


Chad Beroth is a painter living and working in Winston-Salem, NC.  He calls himself ‘a student, fan, and creator of art.’  His pieces seem…

Maurizio Anzeri

Maurizio Anzeri took an unexpected turn in terms of “mixed media.” The artist managed to clash embroidery with vintage photography. The two resulted in…

Thierry Dreyfus

Some gallery walls hang paintings, and others rupture to reveal its glowing insides–or uh, at least this wall does. Thierry Dreyfus plays with our…

Tobias Wüstefeld x Super Mario

What do you get when cross a dead animal on the highway and your favorite childhood memories? Well, maybe you should go ask German-based…

Andy Warhol – Icons

A temporary Andy Warhol Museum designed by LIKEarchitects has emerged in the atrium area inside of Lisbon’s Colombo Shopping Mall. This museum is known…

“Inside Out” by Pharrell Williams

via BBC Blog

We showed you some preview pictures a few weeks ago and now we can
show you the full project.  La Biennale opens this weekend in Venice
so we came back to see the sculpture Pharrell designed for the
GLASSTRESS show.  The show is in Venice for 6 months so you have
plenty of time to try and make it here.  “Inside Out” is located at