Post Fossil

Post Fossil: excavating 21st century creation is a design exhibition curated by Li Edelkoort that is currently showing at the Design Museum Holon.


Bubble Tree

Bubble Tree, a design by Pierre Stephane Dumas is a transparent bubble that offers shelter, warm, and safety in the middle of nature.

Hotel Q! by GRAFT

Architectural firm GRAFT designed the Hotel Q! in Berlin, Germany.  

Split & Turn

Split & Turn by Joel Hesselgren. "In my spotlight Turn I use the newest LED technology for low power consumption and durability. The cut makes it possible to direct the light. In my pendant light fixture Split I use fluorescent light with rotatable lamp shades to direct the light." 

Big Rig Jig

Big Rig Jig was one of the art installations part of "The Green Man" theme at Burning Man. It was built by Brooklyn Artist Mike Ross and a crew of artists at American Steel in Oakland, CA. The sculpture is fashioned from real oil tankers and filled with lush silk plant life, a reminder of the ultimate source of the black gold once transported inside them.


BonBon Cupboard by Hiroshi Kawano

This cabinet system by Hiroshi Kawan is inspired by traditional sweets from Europe. BonBon is a wall mounted cupboard system made of varnished steel and mounted on chromed brass rods.