Porcupine Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

"The idea is that you can open and close the various components and configure it in different ways. Like quills on porcupine, the work is about flexibility with all the pieces opening up," explains gallery owner Cristina Grajales. Porcupine Cabinet is the first of an edition of 12 that Errazuriz will make.


Phat Knits

Phat Knits is a series of giant threads used to create, knitted or not, interior products designed by Bauke Knottnerus.

Blown Fabric by Nendo

“Blown Fabric” is collection of lamps designed by Nendo.They used the material Smash, a long-fibre non-woven polyester, which you can shape in almost any form when heated.

One More Go One More Go

Giant Tetris installation in Sydney, Australia by Ella Barclay, Adrianne Tasker, Ben Backhouse, Kelly Robson for Gaffa Gallery.

Cooper Point House

This eco-house was designed by green architect Micky Muenning and is located within the rolling mountains of Cooper Point, California, the 2,745 sq. feet house has 3 bedrooms and a series of solar panels that provide all of the energy needed to upkeep the house.