San Francisco

Olaf Breuning

Olaf Bruening is a true multimedia artist for utilizing smoke in his latest series.  The Swiss artist currently has instillation in New York, Barstow,…

Sylvia Ji

Last friday was opening night for Sylvia Ji’s “Interwoven” at Fecal Face Dot Gallery, San Francisco. For more work from the artist, check out…

Jason Jägel

San Francisco-based fine artist, Jason Jägel, who has been in the magazine over the years in a variety of ways, just released a new…

Mark Mulroney

Tomorrow, May 4, 2013, Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco presents a third solo exhibition from New York-based artist, Mark Mulroney. Strangely, the press…

Toothpick Sculpture by Scott Weaver

After 35 years, Scott Weaver completed this amazing sculpture of San Francisco made out of 100,000 toothpicks in which he calls 'Rolling Through the Bay"


via Rolling Through the Bay

Apple Unveils iPad 2

Apple's Steve Jobs appeared at an event in San Francisco yesterday to introduce the new iPad model. The new iPad 2 features two cameras for FaceTime and HD video recording, dual-core A5 chip and 10-hour battery life all in a thinner, lighter design. The new iPad will go on sale March 11 with the cheapest model starting at $499.