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Goji Smart Lock

Goji smart lock is taking it to another level. The company is introducing a digital way for people to enter their home. Toss the…

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Autograph Camera

The autograph camera introduces a new way to capture the moments, you don’t remember with the people you won’t forget. This camera can snap…

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Apple Diversifying Emojis

We all love Emoji’s- they spice up a text, adding that visual bit of sarcasm or humor to drive a point across. What users…


Dream One speaker

Not only do these speakers provide incredible surround sound, they’re also wireless and enabled with every kind of connectivity you can imagine, turning any…


Schwinn Cycle Nav

This handy little device is to your bike what the TomTom is to your car. Using flashing lights, the CycleNav directs you home and,…

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird Will Return

If you weren’t able to get your hands on Flappy Bird before it was taken down earlier this year, you are in luck, according…



Dodging your friends and even your ex-boyfriends/girlfriends just got easier. After running into his girlfriend numerous of times, Chris Baker created the app Cloak….

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Google Glass Gets an Upgrade

The original Google glass is getting a fashion upgrade. Google is looking into re-designing the frames by teaming up with Luxottica. They believe that…


Motorola 360 Smartwatch

Motorola is set to debut their new Moto 360 Smartwatch. Features of the watch include a round face, which provides a large surface area…


Bye Bye Flappy Bird

The app that had the entire world glued to their screens… only for those exact screens to shatter moments later has now been removed…


Facebook Launches New App

In addition to celebrating it’s 10th year anniversary, Facebook also launched a new app called Paper. The mobile app is not to be thought…