[New Music] 2Fox – Space Fox FT Beth Aggett

“If a production can’t work with just a vocalist, and a piano or guitar, we scrap it.” – Renell Shaw

This has been 2Fox’s approach to cultivating the rhythmic sounds and melodic vibes that characterize their music. Hailing from London, UK, Renell Shaw and Max Sinàl form the dynamic duo, who utilize instruments and sounds from various cultures of the Afrikan Diaspora, infusing them with a blend of knocking bass and incredible vocals, to deliver music that will move you emotionally and physically.

We caught up with the duo to discuss the recent music they’ve been releasing during the quarantine. Space Fox ft Beth Aggett, the first of 8 songs, was accompanied by a 60-second animated clip, the first of an 8-part animated series. Over the course of the summer, the videos will be combined and displayed on YouTube. The animated series will depict 2 foxes traveling on a mission to understand the human experience. The simplistic scrapbook-like visuals, as Max stated, “…draw inspiration from South Park since we are avid fans… South Park is kinda trippy… Its so bad its good.”

In regards to the meaning behind their recent music, Renell stated, “We wanted to focus on the message in the music. During the lockdown, there were feelings of loneliness and people feeling misunderstood from everything that was going on. So we wanted to make something that people could connect with, you know? Let this music connect with you…Travel with the Space Fox.” Each song is purposefully composed to help the listeners overcome the loneliness and overall negative feelings that can be developed during the quarantine, encouraging listeners to let go of their problems, connect with the music, vibe, and move to the rhythm.

“Problem is about reminding people to hold their own…We wanted to create a Mantra, reminding people not take on other people’s problems or stress.” – Renell Shaw

Perhaps if it were not for the quarantine, this project would not exist. Max stated, “All of these songs were written and produced during the lockdown… If it weren’t for the lockdown we probably wouldn’t put out multiple songs in such a short period of time, you know what I mean? But, we wanted to make the most of the time… Music is powerful and very emotional. So we try to spread love and positivity through our music during this time.”

When asked how they planned to keep people dancing since the clubs are closed, Renell stated that the “clubs are gonna always come back…the lockdown allows people to use this time to reimagine what that would look like. So for now we’re more focused on the message. If you can connect to the message in the music now, when you’re in the clubs you’d really be able to feel and enjoy it”

Nevertheless, releasing songs during the lockdown, still does not compare to the feeling of the club scene. Max stated, “I’ve been hosting Zoom parties. I have my decks set up in the house. Sometimes 100 people tune in, most of the time its about 20-40 people. They wear wigs, have a drink, dance, and have a good time. This usually happens on Fridays and Saturdays for about 4-8 hours. But theres nothing like spinning records in the clubs, you can’t emulate that scene. There’s something somewhat scientific about the way the subwoofers interact with the water in our bodies since we’re about 70% water. Its sounds crazy, but the bass really moves you, thats difficult to emulate at home over Instagram or Zoom… I really love to DJ and I miss it…”

If you haven’t been following 2Fox on Instagram @2foxlondon to keep up with the release of their latest music, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You can check out some of their songs below, and download their all of their music on Spotify, Apple Music and other major streaming platforms.