[New Music] Morrisson – Brothers

Its Unanimous. Virtually everyone in the UK considers Morrisson to be the “realest white boy in rap“, and it won’t take long before everyone in the United States begins to feels the same. Morrisson, a certified rapper from the streets of Plaistow, Newham in East London, has been on the scene since 2008. However, his string of hit singles like Crowbar in My Bag, Buckingham Palace, Enemies, and Shots, have helped him gain even more popularity in recent years. Following up on his latest hit Bad Boys, which took YouTube by storm gaining millions of views, Morrisson is set to drop another UK banger after producer Harry James posted a tease of the visuals on Instagram.

A sneak peak of Morrisson’s upcoming song Brothers ft. Jordan, produced by Harry James aka Fugitive.

We caught up with Morrisson to discuss his upcoming single Brothers featuring Jordan, which he said should be “releasing proper” on YouTube and other streaming platforms. “The song is about brotherhood, my definition of brotherhood. more-time you don’t have to be blood-related to be brothers… I often find that the people around me are more like brothers to me than my own brothers at times… So basically its my opinion on brotherhood and what it means to me…” Morrisson also mentioned the idea of bridging the gap between the South in the US, and London, as there are “cultural similarities, despite the cultural differences…creating that brotherhood and cultural unity…” extending overseas.

Shortly after our conversation with Morrisson on Tuesday, June 23rd, we received news of his brother Steve Morrisson’s untimely passing. Our sources indicate that Steve was unfortunately stabbed on Epping Rd in Essex, and pronounced dead at the hospital after paramedics treated him for the suspected stab wound. Morrisson later posted a picture with his brother on his Instagram a day later with a thoughtful message.

We ain’t no angels but you didn’t deserve to go out like that and I’m thankful I got to bump into you on Father’s Day and cuddle you and tell you I love you & say good bye… – Morrisson

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Morrisson and his family. May Steve rest in peace, and may the family continue to receive guidance and blessings as they navigate through this tough time. The single Brothers, originally set to release on Thursday, June 25th, has been postponed. Nevertheless, we still can’t wait for this banger to drop.

Be on the lookout for Morrisson’s new single Brothers on Youtube and other streaming platforms. In the meantime, check out the visuals for some of his hit singles below, and make sure you follow Morrisson on Instagram @mrmorrisson.

Morrisson – Bad Boys, Produced by C Dot
Morrisson – Shots, Produced by M1OnTheBeat
Morrisson – Crowbar In My Bag
Morrisson – Enemies, Produced by warDot
Morrisson – Buckingham Palace