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J. Cole Releases 2 Brand-New Singled For Sixth Studio Album

Simba returns with a two pack entitled Lewis Street, indicating a lead up to his rumored forthcoming full length project The Fall Off.

J. Cole, known to stay secluded until its time to make noise, re-emerges after a hiatus (save his brief exchange with rapper NoName over a string of tweets) with two new singles The Climb Back and Lion King On Ice.

Cole started his career with his hard hitting The Come Up back in 2007, and now it seems the allegorical fall from grace is impeding.

Jermaine laments “Are you doin’ this work to facilitate growth or to become famous? Which is more important?Getting or letting go?” over the self produced The Climb Back. Afterwards, Cole gets in his literal rap bag and discusses rediscovering his love for rap, and how many rappers should be reminded that his pen is not to be taken lightly.

In the second track Lion King On Ice, he returns to the roots of his doppelgänger, Young Simba, rapping about the trials and tribulations of growing up in Fayetteville, with a chip on his shoulder to make it out of adversity and achieve his goals, proving his doubters wrong.
“Lately, I reflect on the times a nigga was low
I got it up off the floor, I’m stronger than ever before
I’m stronger than ever before just like I planned to be”

J Cole, is lauded as one of hip hops brightest contemporaries, so its safe to assume he proved his point. We just have to wait until his sixth studio release to see how simba reflects on his kingdom.